Blog, meet the folks.

March 12, 2013

I hate introducing new blogs. It’s kind of like introducing your parents to the guy you’re currently dating for the first time: 

“So, uh, guys. This is my blog. You know, the one I’ve been telling you all about with, like, the same interests I have and we met on the Internet and I promise he’s not as sloppy as he looks and, uh, yeah. I hope you like him.” 

I guess it’s waaaaaaay less awkward, unless, like me, you go through blogs like socks. Heh heh. And, by the way, just in case you were curious, I deleted my last blog to give up blogging before reading a few blogs and going, “I MUST BLOG.” 

So, anyway, hi guys! Welcome to my new blog! (And I promise this one’s sticking around.) Follow, subscribe, read quietly and awkwardly from a distance without any indication that you pay one teaspoon of attention to my life . . . whatevs. 

Just say hello every now and again. :]

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