On My Mind

March 19, 2013

Climate change homework. I haven’t done it yet. Typical.

New job at Lee’s MarketPlace. I start Thursday in the bakery, and I’m so grateful and so excited. ITZA BAKERY, GUYZ.

Housing for next year. I’m planning on living near campus next year. I don’t know where and I don’t know how to find what’s best, but I’m determined.

Bleak House. It’s so great. Novels like this make me understand why I love writing so much.

General Conference. Wondering what will be said, how it will impact me, how it will answer all of the questions I have.

Life. I try to be optimistic, but I worry a lot about a lot of different things.

Dating. One of the things I worry about, as it isn’t going real well.

Number Five. Oh, Number Five. You’re so cool and you complicate things a little and I wish I knew what you were thinking and that we could see each other more. Because I like you immensely.

The girl who sat by me while I got my food handlers permit. You were kinda rude. And you answered your phone during the movie. And you shushed someone really loudly before proceeding to pop your gum and text furiously. I’m sure you’re lovely, but I kinda wanted to smack you.

My Little Pony. Seriously. Why does it take so freaking long for the next season to start?

Netflix. We just got it. I’m doomed.

Climbing. The canyon snow is melting and I’m so excited to start climbing outdoors again.

Imagine Dragons. Did I mention that I’m going to their concert? STOKED.

Marriage. Is it cliche’ to say that everybody is getting engaged?

Patience, young Padawan. Boy, do I need it.

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