In Love

March 28, 2013

Utah Tourism just released a commercial encouraging people to check out our national parks, and after watching it, I am absolutely depressed to admit that I haven’t seen one of them. Not one. Seriously, guys. This video is PHENOMENAL and I feel every pricking poke of my lameness.   

Every time I watch it, I feel like I’m in love. It’s the exact same feeling. Heart rushing, throat contracting, eyes fluttering to a close and stomach filling with butterflies. It’s asphyxiating.

I am seriously in love with nature.

This morning as I drove into school, the sun was climbing above the mountains. The lips of Green Canyon were open wide and a beautiful mist clung to the sloping hills. It beckoned and it was mysterious and I just wanted to be there instead of locked inside classrooms all day. I wanted to be slinging my rope through a bolt and climbing. I’m actually pretty mad that I didn’t today, as the weather was just stunning.

One thing climbing has taught me is how to fall in love with the environment. I guess you could say that I’m a sort of tree hugger. Nothing moves me quite like mountains and trees and labyrinthine rivers that go anywhere and everywhere you can’t possibly imagine. Nothing beats the feeling of rock beneath your hands and the whorl of a pine-scented breeze as it blasts you right in the face.

Sometimes I talk about dating on my blogs, but if the truth be told, I love the mountains more than I’ve ever loved any boy. I don’t know why I keep relating dating and mountains — maybe because of that quote in Pride and Prejudice that says: “What are men to rocks and mountains?”

When that ‘he’ I’ll one day meet makes me feel like I do when I’m in the canyon, I’ll know.

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