Updated Throwback: YSA Snark

April 22, 2013

*Inspired by the viral Dash it All post: http://dashmandy.blogspot.com/2013/01/snark-and-testimony.html

Experiences of a young, single Mormon girl in GIFS: (All in good fun, of course.)

Your attempt at acting natural to attract the new guy in the ward: 

When, without thinking, you bring up politics in Sunday School: 

When another girl younger than you announces her engagement in Relief Society: 

How you react when she tells the story of how it happened:

When the one guy in your ward that you had a crush on gets engaged: 

When someone announces their engagement after less than a month of dating:

When a girl you know announces her mission call: 

When half of the girls in your ward announce their mission calls: 

When you decide to try a crazy, delicious new recipe for your ward’s linger longer to impress everybody.



How you feel when the linger longer meal is lasagna: 

How you feel when choir practice goes long on a fast Sunday:

How you think you look with your girlfriends at the Institute dance: 

How you really look:

How you feel when your attempt to flirt doesn’t end up being horrendously awkward:

How you feel when your attempt to flirt DOES end up being horrendously awkward: 

How you feel when the creepy guy asks you to dance at the Institute party: 

How he acts:

How you act afterward to discourage anything:

How you feel when you see an old flame/new crush at the Institute activity:

What you hope he says to you by the end of the night: 

How you feel when you leave, dateless and lonely:

How you feel at the end of a really good date:

How you feel halfway through a really bad date:

What you think when the bad date asks you again:

The conversation you have with home ward members before leaving for the singles ward:

When your YSA stake holds a huge activity: 

When someone makes a really clever comment in Institute/Sunday School:

When your visiting teachers introduce themselves then never come to see you: 

What everyone makes saying the prayer sound like:

When someone makes a comment in church that’s reeeeaally abnormal or incorrect:

How you react to the new high school graduates in the ward:

How all of the unmarried, older guys in the ward react to the new high school graduates: 

How you handle dating after being settled in the ward:

What you feel like inside when someone asks you for the umpteenth time if you’re going to serve a mission:

How your engaged ward friends try to console you in your singleness:

How everyone else does:

When the stake creeper offers you his help with an activity by giving you his number:

When someone of the opposite gender asks you what plans you have for the weekend:

When the bishop calls you:

When the FHE committee plans a speed dating activity:

Yeah. The whole thing is basically a trap.

Now that the semester’s over, I can finally:
Why I Stay a Mormon When Many Friends Have Left