Then & Now

April 28, 2013

Then: I complained a lot about bad days and bad weeks.
Now: they come less frequently, and when they do, I suck it up so no one knows.

Then: all I wanted was for some cute boy to notice me.
Now: all I want is to become something great.

Then: I did everything everyone else was doing.
Now: I dread being a clone.

Then: I didn’t listen to much music.
Now: I sometimes feel emotional pain when I have to go a day without it.

Then: I read books that made me notice what I lacked as a girl.
Now: I read books that mentally and spiritually fulfill me.

Then: I got really lonely.
Now: being alone affords me some of the greatest moments of my life.

Then: I wanted to write books and get famous.
Now: I want to write something that changes a life.

Then: I found a lot of people in my life uncomfortable and too awkward to associate with.
Now: I realize the importance of treating every person like a friend.

Then: I thought feminism and celebration of womanhood was terrible.
Now: I still think feminism is kind of terrible, but hope to be able to celebrate womanhood every day.

Then: I said stuff like, “Obama is a communistic, socialist Muslim! Everyone knows it!”
Now: I say stuff like, “Obama is a scapegoat! If all of these Tea Party crackpots would just shut up for a moment, they’d realize that they’re the problem.”

Then: I took pains to share every detail that wasn’t really important.
Now: realizing how little people tend to care, I take care to share what I feel is important.

Then: I wanted to grow up and be a vinyl sticker, mini-van, Pinterest addicted mom.
Now: I want to raise children who are well-educated, kind, and different.

Then: I thought God was real.
Now: I know He is.

Then: I had no interest in politics.
Now: voting and being knowledgeable about what happens in the country is crucial.

Then: I thought that my generation was the problem.
Now: I see what parents allow their kids to do these days and blame everything on those who are older.

Then: I thought I would die if school didn’t end soon.
Now: I don’t want school to end. At all. I want to keep learning.

Then: I was naive.
Now: I know too much.

Then: I was just another girl.
Now: I’m Arianna, and I mean something. That’s why I’m here.

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