Imagine Dragons

May 22, 2013

Yesterday started early. 6:00 am early with two Eggo waffles in my aunt’s charming little Sandy apartment, to be exact. My sister and I drove for an hour and 45 minutes to get there Sunday night and then left by 7:45 yesterday morning to go see the Imagine Dragons concert at UVU’s UCCU Center.

Mom surprised both of us by buying tickets months ago. Finally, the big day arrived. 

We staked out a spot on the top of the cold, hard cement stairs. We were the very first ticket holders there, and we were pretty stoked about it. It got us a couple of paragraphs in a local paper. So we sat there for literally 10 hours. We played Egyptian Rat Killer, we read books, we talked to a nice group that soon joined us, we ate food, we huddled together to get out of the rain, and when a long, LOOOOONG line of people formed, we spent a few cranky hours ranting about teenagers and how sleazy concert-goers dress. 

This is how we felt after only two hours. It just got worse from here. 

Now we’re just reeaaaally bored. 

Finally, the bands started practicing inside. The whole building was buzzing. That’s when we really started getting excited. We ran for it as fast as we could and got great seats near the front. 

I can’t even begin to explain how magical that concert was. We sat through two opening groups (my new favorite being The Moth & The Flame)

and then the stage was set up, the lights dimmed, and a spectrum filled with thousands of people turned uproarious as gnarled tree props lit up, a set of grid lights began flashing, and Dan Reynolds along with the other band members came out singing Amsterdam. 

The show from that point was just more and more phenomenal. I had no idea that they would be so good live. No idea. The energy in the room was like a disease. The band was humble and engaging and grateful. And we were all so excited to be there with them.

I ADORE them. 

Probably the best moment of the night was when Dan Reynolds got strapped to some cables and literally dropped from the sky over the audience during Radioactive. Oh, I wish you could see Radioactive live. It was absolutely amazing. 


The other moment that was utterly magical was when Reynolds dedicated the concert to Tyler Robinson, a 17-year old who died of cancer. Before the song he sang specifically for Tyler, Wayne Sermon played a beautiful guitar solo and the whole room lit up with cell phone lights like stars.

It was magic.

Every song was amazing, every moment when Reynolds told us how happy they were to be home was personal. And when he told us to free ourselves of everything and forget what people might say about us and forget about every pressure in our life, it was emotional.

I don’t think I will ever look at music the same way again after that concert.

The funny thing with Imagine Dragons is that they are nothing short of a miracle. The group was organized in Provo originally and moved on to Las Vegas. Within the past year, their popularity has erupted. One of my favorite moments of the night was when Dan Reynolds said, his voice breaking, “We’re just a group who made some music that connected with a bunch of people.”

I feel like they’re going to be so, so big one day, even bigger than they are now. And I will sit back and be so grateful that I got to see them, that they taught me something about music that was absolutely invaluable.

I can’t get that concert out of my head. I am still immersed in it. Imagine Dragons won my heart completely last night.

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