May 24, 2013

I was just thinking. The moon is sure beautiful tonight. Perfectly round and ashen in its little pocket of sky. The tragedy of the moon, though, is that no one ever sees all of it. You and I, we look up at the moon and think of it as this beautiful sticker on the atmosphere, but it’s more than a sticker. It’s a moving sphere, a globe dangling in such a way that we can only see it flat. Kind of like how everyone in Galileo’s day thought the earth was flat. No one ever notices the curves and the other sides of things.

I wonder. If the moon could think, would it be disheartened that nobody sees all of it? That all anybody can see is one side of it? Because people are that way, too. People are always disappointed that everyone else only sees one side of them.

We are all moons.

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