Reading Quirks

May 24, 2013

1. I get really grumpy when I’m reading a good book and someone interrupts me. The only other emotional equivalent to interruption while reading is being cut off while driving. It makes me ridiculously angry.*

2. When I’m reading a book, I must always stop reading at the end of the chapter. None of this ending in the middle nonsense. Of course, the danger with stopping at chapter’s end is that chapter’s end is when all of the twists happen, and then I end up reading at least two or three other chapters to find out what happens.

3. I NEVER dog-ear my books. Ever. It’s despicable. Sometimes I leave them upside down and spread eagle with their spines in the air, but even that’s rare. Book bones can only hold out for so long.

4. If I’m going to reread a book, it had better be well-worth me rereading it. There are way too many books in the world to read, and rereading is an insanely wasteful thing to do if the book’s not good enough. The only books I have ever reread are: The Harry Potter Series (I’ve only read them, like, 2-3 times), The Inheritance Cycle (because after five years of Chris Paolini doing nothing between books, I forgot everything), Great Expectations (because it’s worth it), and The Book of Mormon (which I have reread 4-5 times).

5. I do NOT write in a book unless it’s so tragically boring that I need to spice things up (ex: The Faerie Queene by Spenser). OR: if it’s for a class. But I did that for my Dickens class for a little bit, and it almost killed me. Writing is so distracting in a novel. Ugh.

6. I often carry a book with me to my various appointments on the slim chance that I will have time to read it. I never do, but it’s comforting to know that I have a companion anyway.

7. Getting books in the mail is THE GREATEST thing you could ever experience. I’ve switched from buying books in stores to getting them from Amazon.com, and it is insanely fun to have nice packages land on my doorstep.

8. If a book gets wildly popular, I usually read it once then back off. Take for example The Hunger Games series. I loved it immensely, but since it’s gotten popular, I have not reread it. I just have to keep repeating to myself, “I am not my fandom. I am not my fandom. I am not my stupid, immature, surface-reading, preteen fandom.”

9. I buy books just to see how good they look on my shelf. True story.

10. Walking into libraries/bookstores often gives me headaches because I am so overwhelmed by how much there is to read. Another true story.

11. The only time I can stay up until 3-4 in the morning, guilt-free, is when I’m reading a good book. It is so worth it.

*The following video is the story of my life:

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