June 21, 2013

I’m tired.

I’m tired and I’m grumpy and I’m bossy and I’m . . . uuuuugggggh.

Holding down one job is hard. Holding down three is insane. I edited photos this morning, worked at the bakery this afternoon, and I’ve been editing essays since 9 pm this evening. I’ve been aching to write something, something real and personal (don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’m writing a nonfiction novel about being shy and how shyness is treated ridiculously in this country). BUT I DON’T HAVE DANG TIME.

My nickname for myself is Everything Girl. I try so hard to be and do everything, but it’s impossible. It always has been. I’m a half-baked entrepreneur — I started a photo business, and it’s struggling/overwhelming at the same time; I started an online LDS magazine, and it’s practically crashed and burned; I wanted to form a hiking club, but that ain’t happening. I’ve been so concerned with having a social life that my social life isn’t even at normal, humane times anymore.

I’m so burnt.

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