Taught by Numbers

July 05, 2013

Number One
You taught me that I am good enough for anyone, even if I didn’t ever think I was until that point.

Number Two
You taught me how to be saturated in music, how to love the feel of rocks beneath my hands. You taught me how to live outside of what I knew for the first time in my life.

Number Three
You taught me how to be kind and gentle, how to care for another person beyond general caring.

Number Four
You woke me up. Taught me depth and true conversion. You taught me how other people see me, which was incredibly painful, but needed. There were things you unintentionally taught me, like how I am not an experiment and do not deserve to be treated as such.

Number Five
You taught me not to throw everything away for an illusion of what is. Because of you, I learned why commitment is so important — it feels awful to be a whim. _Awful. _
Your turn, Number Six. Wherever you are.

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