what would i say?

November 14, 2013

So there’s this funny website that takes your Facebook statuses and meshes them together at random to form sentences that sound like the way you talk (http://what-would-i-say.com/about.html). Apparently, this is how I sound on a consistent basis:

“Chris Christie will not marry Christmas, thanks, though!”

“Trevor Rabin, Hans Zimmer, Rachel Portman, Thomas Newman, Dario Marianelli, Alexandre Desplat, James Madison is almost a spiritual experience.”

“It’s a few goals, dreams, happenings, and comparative politics.”

“I just haven’t seen others question the Institute.”

“Pulling a George Albert.”

“Unfortunately, USU Alumni, I went rock climbing jargon.”

“I just started a faction against Obama”


“It makes a person happy — HOBBIT EVE!”

“Here’s a weak female, rather discouraged about things.”

“I’ve got a hot air balloon in the UNIVERSE.”

“She needs to leave you, even if you have the best compliment of all nations.”

“Tolkien — definitely not sacrifice my testimony of that.”

“Wherefore, ye must press forward with your relationship status.”

“A sheep herding rabbit.”

“Writing is great, but it makes you feel so useless.”

“I want to share an elephant. Heeyah!”

“Who would sell, buy, or wear this.”

“I’m all for farmers. Please contact me.”

“I’m all for the issues that ever BEEN THINGED.”

“We are trying not to implode with a scarf.”

“Well, we should feel scammed.”

“It’s good that I’m being a bench?”

“How about that Casey Anthony?”

“I want you to condemn religious beliefs.”

“Party in prose.”

“Writing is great, but it’s kind of extreme sports.”

“Really. I don’t understand satire or puffer fish!”

“Watch out for the ‘middle class’?”

“I want to get sickness to go see this.”

“GONZAGA. Curse you, chocolate ice cream while sifting through my veins.”

“Eat, sleep, do homework, go to stand on sidewalks…”

“An intriguing sneak peek into the carpet and Alex Boye! Coolest thing ever!”

“I want to hurt Christopher Paolini severely.”

“*evil, devil’s advocate grin*”

“Moroni photo shoot with my favorite seminary teacher. He is neat.”

“Gaddafi and Rice 2012!”

“I’m all like, OMNOMNOM.”

“Buyin’ fishies at the Smithfield.”

“I want to get a stand, and nothing beats a pug in a nutshell.”

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