Resolutions in Review

December 30, 2013

Today in combined Relief Society/Elders’, we had a chat about new year’s resolutions, and I got to feeling reeeaaal guilty about mine for 2013. I don’t think I wrote them anywhere besides my last blog, which I deleted from the Internet after what we’ll call a horrible miscommunication in regards to a post I wrote about dating. You wonder why I don’t write about it much. Yeaah…

Anyway, I decided to look back at my resolutions. And I am embarrassed. Maybe I put too much on my plate. Maybe I should just be resolved to not keep any of my resolutions, which, if kept, will make me a liar and which, if not kept, will still mean that I didn’t keep my resolution to not keep my resolutions, which means I’m still a liar. At any rate, let’s see how I’ve done.

**1. Attend the temple on a consistent schedule each month — **This is what I’d like to call a loaded resolution. I did get to going once a week for awhile on the same day, but then I slept in and decided, Meh. If I don’t just go on, say, Wednesdays, I’ll at least go some other time during the week. And right now, I’ve done a poor job. I have gotten into the temple at least once a month the whole year, however, and that is an accomplishment to me.
**Resolution Status: basically kept. **

2. Read 50 books — According to Goodreads, which sometimes lies to make me feel like more of a failure, I only read 21 books this year. Not even half. Last year I read 42. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?! THAT’S NOT EVEN TWO BOOKS A MONTH. *dies* I still have two days left to stuff myself full of literature.
**Resolution Status: less than half kept. **

3. Finish Redd, the novel I started last year — Um, I started it a little more. Does that count?
**Resolution Status: not kept. **

4. Make a habit of doing yoga every day — This will likely be my resolution until the end of time.
**Resolution Status: not kept for the second to third year in a row. **

5. Work up to the point where I can climb 5.10 + walls — I climbed a lot this summer, but the best I can do is a 5.8. I’m almost there.
**Resolution Status: trying. **

6. Hike Flat Top — finally! — NEVAH!
**Resolution Status: not kept for fourth year in a row. **

7. Find one project to get behind that will help dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people — This is vague and I’m not sure I know what project we’re talking about. Can we count Institute? My stake service projects? Signing the “I Stand with Phil Robertson” petition?
**Resolution Status: kept. For sure. **

8. Read the Lord of the Rings series — I read The Hobbit, which, as many pseudo and genuine Tolkein-obsessees would say: “DOESN’T COUNT!” I have started The Fellowship, though, so I’m well on my way to starting this resolution by the time it’s too late. Yay for me.
**Resolution Status: not kept. **

9. Get an internship — KEPT! Almost twice, as I almost chose to have two internships this semester. It’s probably a good thing that didn’t work out.
Resolution Status: KEPT.

10. Eat at Chili’s for the first time — Alas, my lips may never taste the heavenly goodness of a lava cake for years to come. I’m too unmotivated and too broke.
**Resolution Status: not kept. **

11. Make a galaxy print scarf — I forgot that I wanted to do this.
**Resolution Status: not kept. **

12. Find a quiet place to think/write — This is an odd one. So far, the best I’ve been able to find is in the Institute Council room and Institute library, neither of which I have used properly to think or write or in quiet. So…yes, but no.
**Resolution Status: technically kept. **

13. Make a writing schedule for myself — I am an embarrassment to my chosen field.
**Resolution Status: definitely not kept. **

14. Read scriptures at least 15 minutes a day — At the beginning of the year, I was awesome. And then, I got less and less awesome.
**Resolution Status: kept then not kept. **

15. Finish This is the Christ — Um…coughcoughstartthisisthechristcough.
Resolution Status: coughforgottenaboutcough

16. Get published somewhere — SUCCESS! I had my graphic skills published on a book cover. Not the publication medium I had planned on, but still publication!
**Resolution Status: kept. **

17. Build a stronger relationship with my brothers — With all seriousness, I think I can say that I kept this one. It isn’t a perfect relationship, by any means, but it is a much healthier one than that of a few years ago.
**Resolution Status: kept. **

18. Manage fear — I guess you could say I’ve learned how to manage fear, but not entirely. Overcoming it is what I need to work on.
Resolution Status: kept. Sorta. **
So I guess it’s:
**Resolutions: 11

**Ari: 7 **
Here’s to hoping next year I’ll be more motivated. And finally eat my lava cake after a morning of intense warrior poses.

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