Wherefore Art Thou, Privacy?

January 29, 2014

I have had a nervous twitch all week. I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been traipsing like a hobo from one couch to the other on campus, desperately searching for a quiet place to do homework. 

Usually I camp out in the Institute Council Room. This has proven to be increasingly difficult, as the WiFi is about as capable as the United States Congress right now. And so, instead of staying in my lovely, quiet home away from home, I’ve been forced to migrate to the TSC. What a pain in the eye. Really, though. 

I go up to the International Lounge. Oh look. A huge event and no chairs available. 

I go upstairs to the USUSA offices. Oh look. Everyone displaced by the huge event is hogging a couch up here. 

I go to a chair on the other side of the building. Oh look. Someone’s sitting there. My laptop is a loud, obnoxious thing, so I can’t just sit nearby and do work or I’ll ruin their life. 

I go to the Hub. Oh look. Every single outlet is taken and my laptop’s almost dead. 

This has happened every single day this week. I’ve found a cozy chair to do homework/nap in, only to be startled awake by a girl on a telephone. I’ve nestled in a chair near the south stairs on the third floor, only to have a girl sit right next to me and immediately make me go into panic mode. I’ve sat down in a comfy chair, only to discover no outlet and watch my laptop die. 

I’m starting to resort to unlocking classrooms in the Institute and hiding in my car to do homework. I’m that desperate. I need privacy so badly right now. My introversion is flaring up like a beast. I haven’t been taking good care of it. 

If anyone finds a secluded corner on campus that doesn’t take hours to trek to, let me know.

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