March 15, 2014

^Nope. Didn’t actually read Life of Pi, although I’ve started to read it at least three times in my lifetime.

So today I went to work. We ended up shoving a few tables up front, loading them with our 8 and 9″ pies, and calling it a happy Pi Day. This is the first 3.14 I’ve worked, and it was rather anti-climactic, really. I had images of pie slices dangling from the ceiling and mini pies glittering like gold from our cake display case and pies the size of your thumbs. Like a pie-a-palooza! I can see why we didn’t go with that, though. My idea of Pi Day is basically get a heart attack and die day.  

I did end up eating my very first pie from said bakery, though! Weird, eh? I sometimes bake them, and yet, I’ve never eaten one. I am not a bad employee, I promise. Manhandling the merchandise just makes you not want to eat it.

^Sugar. So much sugar. 

Today was, in general, just weird. I’ve been waiting to hear back about my interview, and I thought I’d hear from them today, or yesterday now, I guess. I haven’t yet. I don’t want to give up hope, but I’m starting to work through what I’ll be doing instead this fall, and it’s hard. I’ve been trembling all day long from the nerves. I iced some shamrock sugar cookies in about the same amount of time it would take for me to grow a beard. And I had to do little swirls around the edges to make them cutesy. Imagine, for a moment, trembling hands icing sugar cookies. Even if I could take pictures, I wouldn’t inflict the horror of my cookie icing skills on you. It’s too much to bear. 

So, yeah, I was kind of a wreck today. I sliced my hand open bouldering this week and I also somehow sliced my elbow, and yesterday, I got a paper cut the size of the Mariana Trench on my finger from a cake box. So I was all bandaged up. And trembling. And handling knives. And there was a wedding cake (remind me to talk about the aura of dread that hangs around the bakery whenever there’s a wedding cake to be picked up) and a giant cookie that I had the chance to ice like a cake, having no previous cake icing experience. 

High pressure day today, guys.

A highlight of the day, though, was getting to show my friend Jamille the early Star Wars films for the first time.

Final thoughts for the day:

1. C-3PO is a complete tool bag.
2. I sometimes wish I could marry the young Harrison Ford.

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