March 19, 2014

No job, no prob//Yeah. I got that email I was waiting for. _“__Hiring for Church Magazine Internships for the summer and fall 2014 semesters is now closed. Although you ranked very highly, you were not selected for one of the positions. However, having made it this far you proved that you have strong qualifications. If you are eligible for an internship beginning in January 2015, we encourage you to consider applying when the positions are posted in September.” _I am very pleased to announce that the development of a Plan B has commenced! Any ideas would be welcome, as I have precisely two, and one includes living in a box in Logan Canyon and rock climbing for days. 

Puking on the inside//Today I had a presentation in my South African lit. class. I was not prepared. AT ALL. I was putting it together right before class, that’s how “prepared” I was. And I seriously thought I was going to get ill and die. If you saw me today and I looked particularly pale and morose, yeah. You know why. I would rather jump in front of a moving truck than give a presentation when I’m unprepared. You think I’m kidding…ha! I got into class and I was praying like crazy and lucky for me, I ended up being the only one who even remembered they were presenting. No matter how bad that crud was, I STILL SHOWED UP WITH ONE. Validation. 


It’s going to take a whole paycheck to make up for how much this ensemble cost. Holy crud. I’m graduating. 

DI stop//I spent an hour in the DI walking through the book section, running my fingers across the spines, picking some up and feeling their soft weight in my palms. Didn’t even buy one. THAT is a personal victory. I also had this beautiful image in my head of book spines having letters for vertebrae, and I kept thinking about the people who owned these books and gave them away. I’ll probably write about that sometime. FYI. In case you care. 

Also://A catchy song from my presentation. Just for fun. Read about this guy, Stephen Biko! He’s incredible.

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