March 22, 2014

Maybe I ate close to ten Gogurts last night at the Institute Tournament Night (ssh, don’t tell).

Maybe I actually kind of like volleyball, or, at least, playing it with good, good friends.

Maybe the most painful thing about my life is that I’ve had to leave or be left behind by so many amazing people.

Maybe I’m an entirely different person than I was a year ago.

Maybe I wish it was socially acceptable to walk barefoot all the time everywhere.

Maybe I want to travel across the world and write about it instead of writing in an office building.

Maybe I’m the most inconsistent person in the world when it comes to caring for others because I get shy at random moments.

Maybe dating and interest or the lack thereof is confusing and hard and painful, and I don’t know that I’ll ever get the hang of it.

Maybe I’m better at reassuring others than I am at reassuring myself, and the things that scare me the most are the things I seem to have the most handle over.

Maybe I’m the most awkward person you know.

Maybe I want to buy Twilight again just to compare and contrast the evolution of the vampire in that and Dracula for fun. Because I’m a nerd.

Maybe the world is really big, and life is really comfortable right now, and it’s going to change, and the fact that I can’t stop that makes me feel a bit heartbroken.

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