April 22, 2014

Since it’s springtime, and since I’ve been dying to just take care of something for awhile, Mom was kind enough to get me some cacti. 

Meet Ophelia and Atticus, everybody! 

They’re so cute and pokey. I just want to hug them, but I can’t. Ophie in particular has got a real sting (she’s the one on the right with the strawflower that some jerk hot-glued on to her head).

I really want to keep these babies alive. It’s kind of a Rees family curse that any plant that comes into our possession doesn’t last long. Except for Larry. Once upon a time, I rescued a tomato plant from my high school greenhouse that got swept aside during transplanting time. I put him in a mug and called him Larry. Soon, he was too big to fit in the mug, so I took him out in our garden. He was growing great, then a hailstorm plowed through and left Larry with nothing but his socks on, no leaves, nothing. Well, he’s dead, I thought. Low and behold, Larry was a magical plant. Within two weeks, he was popping out too many cherry tomatoes to count. 

Larry is a rare exception to the rule, but I’m hoping that since we’re in a desert and since succulents don’t need water very often, nothing can go too wrong, right? I even played Atti and Ophie some Claire de Lune the first day I brought them home, you know, to stimulate growth and what not. Mine will be the most cultured cacti on the block.

————————–In other news—————————

Graduation is coming. I have two more papers and one revised one to go. Woot! 


The last Logan LDS Institute activity my Council held was last Friday. It was bittersweet, but mainly sweet. I think the Lord has prepared me for leaving, because usually at this point, I’m a wreck. I hate it when I love people and then we have to leave each other. It’s awful. That’s why I don’t get vulnerable easily. Too afraid of hurting, I guess. I’ve come to know and love so many people, and now this ends. But endings are not forever. I know that more now than I ever knew it. Thank you, President Uchtdorf. 

I’ve been trying to write an “I Remember” post to tell you all about my experiences with that Council this year. It’s been extremely difficult. As a general rule, I tend to not write about dating (in detail), nor do I write about memories that will make me cry. I will sob, just so you know, if I ever get around to writing that post. My keyboard will become a pond. 

Here’s one fun thing I can share, though. We had the students write something they remembered about this year and tack it to the hallway walls. This one made my day: 

“I Remember thinking the girl on the “I REMEMBER” poster was really cute.” And I love YOU, random citizen.

SPOILER ALERT: I’m the “I Remember” girl.  


Tonight I climbed a 5.10. I’ve done it. I’ve reached my two year goal. This is going to sound kind of weird, but my favorite part about good climb nights is when I look at my hands and the veins are pushing against the skin and the palms are coated in chalk. There is something so beautiful about bodies straining, pushing at their limits. I sometimes wish I could see that same beauty in myself when I try other hard things, like being honest when it hurts or telling someone how I feel. I bet that pushing is just as beautiful. 

A long time ago, I read at Poetry and a Beverage. Did I mention that? Speaking of hard things…that was hard. Gotta love reading relationship poems in front of complete strangers. Yup. 

Also, I’m reading for pleasure again. It is beautiful. Right now, I’m reading Middlemarch and some strange jankx called Daughter of Smoke & Bone. The first is about mid-century women who fall in love with men for their intelligence and, predictably, get their hearts broken. The jacket ruined the ending for me (also: one thing I love about classics is how they force you to consider your own life. I’m really guilty of being attracted to smartness, not smug smartness, mind you, but aware of the world . . . ness, so this book is sort of freaking me out). The second is about . . . I don’t even know. Angels? Demons? I kind of hate it. Sometimes I read books I hate to remind myself of why I’m a writer. 

Blog ya in a few! Oh! Before I forget, here are some of my favorite new songs for Music Monday:

You by Galantis: Everything about this wins, particularly the cats. 

Run Boy, Run by Woodkid: The inner music snob in me is really smug that I liked this song before Divergent came out. It’s GOOD.

Sinful Nature by Bear in Heaven: This one because it’s cool.

Be Okay by OhHoney: I’ve got a big crush on this one. It’s so fun and carefree. 

Apartheid by Lea Lea: Finally, this one, because I’m in a South African literature class, and I looked up all of this SA themed music and IT’S EVERYWHERE. South Africa is everywhere. This song in particular is about the Apartheid. Go read about it. You’ll be sick.

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