Life Lately {As My Camera Sees It}

June 05, 2014

Aside from working, working, working, looking for a career, working, working, and working, post-college life isn’t so bad. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with my life, and that’s mildly terrifying, but sometimes you’ve just got to hang on to the little moments anyway.

Here are a few of those moments from the past month, brought to you by my little friend, Point ‘n’ Shoot:

^Chaco tan! My go-to tan of choice, leftover from a rocky tubing adventure in Idaho on Memorial Day. Also: I painted my toenails. I have no idea why. I actually really hate wearing nail polish, but that’s another post for another day. 

^My Comic Con outfit, well on its way. Guys, Deseret Industries NEVER disappoints me. I found all of this stuff there for less than $20. All I need now is a Wookie. 

^Last night I went on my second outdoor climb of the summer with the sis and a couple of friends. We were hoping to have the Fucoidal Walls all to ourselves, but it was kind of a hopping place, which I have major mixed feelings about. I get a little cranky when I have to climb around other groups of people. I’m just weird like that. 

^Climbing Jam Crack. Or Community Effort. I don’t actually know which route, but it had some sweet crack action, which was fun. 

^Rope burn. Got this baby while lead climbing. I was super stiff and did a practice fall and my left ankle ended up twisting completely around beneath the rope. I was hanging upside down with a backwards foot for a few seconds there. The rope and rock just bit right into my leg. Good times. 

^More climbing. Also: mini rant. We were climbing around some people who commandeered almost the entire area by stringing ropes and leaving gear on routes that they would hop to and from. Don’t be that climber. There’s a special place in you-know-where for that climber. 

^This is my “Running Sucks” face. My ward did an Amazing Race activity, and I chose to run. Which was stupid. I don’t understand how/why people do this to themselves. I did shovel down some baby food like a beast, though. 


^ Yesterday, I went on a me date. Went and got sushi and then bought a ticket to see Maleficent by myself. Socially acceptable? No. Do I care? No. Seeing movies in the theater by yourself is AMAZING. But yeah. I saw Maleficent. Did you guys like that movie? I found myself liking it but simultaneously getting really ticked off by it. Or Disney, specifically. For multiple reasons. I also may or may not have eaten sushi with my bare hands in the theater. Yep.


P.S.: This song is one of my new favorites. Try it on for size.

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