Exciting News!

July 24, 2014

Guess what?!

You heard right. Starting September 8th, I’ll be writing full-time for LDS Living.

It’s an internship, so there’s no guarantee of permanence, but I’ll be writing for an income 40 hours a week until December 19th. That’s insane! It’s a step and a small dream, a crazy dream, one which stems from this blog and the things that have happened with this blog. It’s exciting, and I owe you all a huge thank you. Thank you for reading and sharing what I have to write. You’re incredible. 

So yeah. I’ll have to move to Salt Lake City (okay, maybe not Salt Lake City, exactly, but where I come from, all of Salt Lake County is considered Salt Lake City), and that’s a little scary. I’m definitely a bit of a country bumpkin who likes her space. I mean, what is there to do in Salt Lake City? Do you guys have canyons? Rock walls? Please tell me you have rock walls, or I might cry.

I’m going to be thrown into a new ward for awhile. That mildly terrifies me. Have I mentioned that I’m really bad at meeting new people?

I’m going to be right near Temple Square all the time, which is amazing!

I’m going to have to ride Trax, which, let’s be honest, is the least exciting part of this adventure (once upon a time I went to a One Republic concert with some friends and ended up stranded in SLC due to, among other things, aforementioned Trax). 

I’m going to be away from my family, my ward, my friends, the grocery store bakery and coworkers I’ve grown ridiculously fond of. And this blog will go through a bit of a reversion. When I started blogging, I wanted to keep my family posted about my adventures down at BYU. That changed when my plans changed, but it may go back to that for a bit. 

I’m scared. I mean, I’m so excited, but I’m nervous. This is a BIG change for me. I guess I’ve just got to trust that the Lord knows what He’s doing and that I belong in Salt Lake City this fall. 

ALSO: I have a new, much smarter phone. Yay! So I’ll be using Instagram waaaaaay more. You can check that out this way: 


So tell me, Salt Lake City. What do you have in store? I hear Harmons is pretty good.

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