100 Random Things

August 01, 2014

1. I have THE BIGGEST crush on Han Solo-era Harrison Ford.
2. When I’m putting salt and pepper on my food, I always have to put salt on before pepper, otherwise I get anxiety.
3. Most girls love cheesecake. To me, it’s mediocre.
4. If a guy can wear and rock skinny jeans, my attraction to him increases by at least 50%.
5. I’m sort of addicted to Dr. Phil.
6. I’m substantially more picky about who I rock climb with than who I go out with.
7. Sometimes I get road rage, and the only thing that calms me down is making up songs about the other driver’s traffic faux pas (Example from yesterday: “It was my turn / when you gonna learn / what the roundabout / is all about?”)
8. In high school/college, my worst dreams were about failing all my classes or showing up late. Now my worst dreams are about my friends going on adventures without telling me.
9. I cried so hard during the last Harry Potter movie premiere that I left with a migraine.
10. Whenever it rains, I put on music from the 1950s.
11. Sometimes I try speaking in different Star Wars languages (Ewok, Tusken Raider, the language of the Hutts, etc.). But only in privileged company.
12. I own a didgeridoo. For real.
13. I don’t do routine well and HAVE to have variety, or I go crazy.
14. When I’m bored, I organize everything with the precision of an obsessive-compulsive. At work two days ago, for example, I was bagging artisan bread in alphabetical order according to flavor.
15. I get really competitive when I watch Jeopardy. Those nerds are going DOWN.
16. The older I get, the less I hate cats. And the more I want to purchase one.
17. Ice cream trucks scare the living daylights out of me.
18. Misplaced apostrophes (or the lack of apostrophes) in a business’s name, flyers, or card information make me much less likely to shop there. I’m not even lying.
19. The idea of living in New York City both enchants and terrifies me.
20. As a junior in college, I was addicted to watching My Little Pony. I’ve been clean for about a year now.

The Evidence

21. J.K. Rowling is THE reason why I’m a writer. Insult Harry Potter and you’re basically insulting my soul.
22. I drive a black Honda Civic with blue rims and interior lighting. It’s a beast.
23. I go all Lord of the Flies over my space when it comes to beach-going, camping, or attending parades/fireworks. I need space, people.
24. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut and a veterinarian. Maybe a space veterinarian.
25. I really hope that Nessie exists.
26. Hats cut off the circulation in my head, so I usually don’t wear them.
27. I sometimes dance to Shakira music in my bedroom.
28. My favorite book that I own is Joy of Cooking, but I’ve never cooked anything out of it once.
29. I don’t really love Doctor Who until I’m in the middle of watching it. Then I can’t get enough.
30. Most of the time I fake disinterest when I’m interested in a guy, which is quite problematic, because I also act disinterested when I’m legitimately disinterested.
31. I really want to name my children after literary characters when I’m a parent.
32. I laughed so hard that I was sobbing when I first read Mark Twain’s “How I Edited an Agricultural Paper” essay. To this day, I don’t understand why it was so funny to me back then.
33. Abish is my Book of Mormon hero.
34. I want to see every Audrey Hepburn film before I die.
35. Sometimes I request invites to the receptions of acquaintances that I barely know just so that I can see how they designed their invites. And if their photos look good. Yeeaah. I’m not too proud about that.
36. I’m a sucker for a good font.
37. One day I want to see the stars from Yosemite. Or anywhere where I can actually see the stars, when they’re completely exposed in a night sky empty of light pollution.
38. Shopping in the grocery store together is on my top ten list of best date ideas.
39. I really want to cage dive with great whites, but I’m pretty certain I’d break out in nervous sweat and puke everywhere.
40. Asphalt right after rain, pine trees, horse hide, and fresh-baked bread are THE BEST smells in the world.
41. I’ve watched the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice at least 20 times. It’s not really my favorite movie, but I often say it is because it’s the only one I’ve watched so often, and I don’t really have a good excuse for it.
42. My text tone is the sound of a TIE fighter.
43. I usually listen to a movie’s soundtrack before I ever see the movie.
44. Whenever I write poetry, it’s a great indicator that I’m in a lousy mood.
45. Cherries are satanic little demon fruits.
46. In the summertime, I get freckles on my nose.
47. I was that kid who ate Play Dough all the time, in spite of the fact that it really tasted disgusting.
48. If there’s a tall tree anywhere near me, I’ll most likely attempt to climb it.
49. I know how to oil paint.
50. I stopped going to the library when I realized that I own at least 150 books that I have not read yet. My bookshelf is a library.
51. I didn’t know anything about Nelson Mandela when he died. After taking a South African literature class, I deeply regret that, because I feel like he was and is one of the last great heroes of our day.
52. Nail polish is the enemy. Unless it’s on my toes, then it’s cool.
53. If it was socially acceptable, I’d walk barefoot everywhere.
54. I can barely swim to save my life, but I love being in water.
55. The bus driver had to drag me off the bus when I started Kindergarten because I was so terrified.
56. Whenever someone says “dumber than a box of rocks” or “as dull as a rock,” I get defensive, because I’m obsessed with rocks.
57. One day I want to have a novel sitting on the shelf at Walmart.
58. Volcanoes horrify me.
59. “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face is the song that haunts my life and my relationships.
60. If I could play any musical instrument, I’d probably play the harp.
61. I still watch Arthur sometimes.
62. Some people are known for “their (insert amazing food item here).” For me, those food items are gingersnaps, ribs, and chocolate cake.
63. Walmart trips stress me out until I realize that I can use a self-checkout. Then I’m totally fine.
64. I get asked all of the time if my eyes are so blue because I wear colored contact lenses. I wear contacts, but these peepers are the real thing.

65. Once upon a time, I learned the choreography for “What Does the Fox Say?” Do not ask me to perform for you.
66. Fall is my favorite season.
67. One of my biggest regrets from childhood is that I didn’t continue taking dance and piano lessons.
68. Camels are freaking adorable to me.
69. It’s super hard to surprise me, but fairly easy to scare me.
70. I really, really want to adopt a dog from the Humane Society.
71. Part of me thinks that diamond engagement rings are super cliche’, and there’s a raging debate inside my head about whether I’d want a diamond ring or not.
72. I do a lot of my clothes shopping at the D.I. Try it sometime.
73. The feel of chalk or flour on my hands is the best feeling in the world to me.
74. My nightmare is to turn into one of those “hip” Mormon wives who wears chevron all the time, stencils her entire house, and watches The Bachelor for fun.
75. I never usually read a book more than once. Most of my favorite books I’ve only read once.
76. I used to be a journalist, and I get super ticked off when I watch the news because ethical journalism is becoming a thing of the past.
77. Dating/relationships scare me more than I’d admit.
78. I once wrote over 50,000 words in one month. I have not reread them for fear of what I’ll find.
79. More than a few times, I’ve been tempted to wear men’s cologne because some of it smells sooooo good.
80. I’m not too shabby at tennis.
81. When it comes to food, the more exciting and different, the better. I’m not really a hamburger type of girl.
82. I can eat sushi like it’s cereal most days.
83. Every Wednesday, I get the blogging bug, but then I don’t because I can’t think of a good enough alliterative phrase to theme my posts around. (Weird Wednesday?)
84. Studio C is my favorite thing in the whole world (as is BalloonShop on YouTube). Look ’em up.
85. I’m not good at any winter sports, and as a general rule, hate winter because all of my hobbies seem to center around the summertime.
86. Small talk is hard for me, but start talking about big, important events or concepts, and I might not shut up.
87. Two years ago, I was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It was the among the greatest experiences of my life.

It’s also the reason why I started growing my hair out again. Look at that wig! 

88. I’ll always love The Beatles, because that’s what my dad listened to as I grew up.
89. I was that “painfully shy” kid nobody knew in junior high. Being shy has been such a huge, defining thing in my life, and without those 13 years dealing with it, I probably wouldn’t be blogging right now.
90. Right now I’m in the Relief Society presidency.
91. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people walk slow.
92. The thing that surprised me most about college was that it was the experience rather than the education that changed who I am as a person.
93. Rootbeer milk is the bomb.
94. My Myers-Briggs result is an INTP. 

95. Whenever I have to drive through snow in the winter, my go-to calm down song is “How Firm a Foundation.”
96. I love getting letters in the mail, but I’m really bad at writing them.
97. I can only enjoy eating donuts on days when I don’t work.
98. When I was applying for colleges, my mom had to drag me to Utah State because I hated it so much and completely discounted it as an option.
99. I’m probably one of the most awkward individuals you’ll ever meet.
100. I’d rather spend money on adventures than possessions.

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