100 Life Goals

November 18, 2014

I’ll be honest. Life has seemed pretty aimless for the past few weeks. It’s been kind of hard. I never really expected post-graduation to be this difficult, but it is. 

In Sunday School this week, we talked about goal-setting and direction, and it really gave me pause. What am I doing with my life? I wondered. What do I want to do with my life? What do I want to experience? 

The teacher had us start writing up a list of 100 things we want to accomplish in this lifetime. It’s an exercise that, when you do it, shows you what kind of a person you want to become and what your purpose in life is. It was kind of hard for me to stay at 100, because I have a lot. 

Since I feel like writing it down more than once will reiterate it even more (and since it’s on my blog, it might give me more ownership and accountability), here are 100 things I want to do in my life (in order of how they came to my mind): 

*Side note: maybe you could help me discover that purpose. 🙂 

100 Life Goals

1. Have a book published 

2. Go on an African safari 

3. Run a marathon 

4. Bike the Logan to Jackson (Lotoja) Ride 

5. Visit New York City at Christmastime 

6. Start up a website 

7. Learn how to swim 

8. Learn a new language 

9. Exercise six days a week 

10. Read every book on a 1000 Books to Read Before You Die list 

11. See a play on Broadway 

12. Give a family Christmas every other year 

13. Adopt a dog from the Humane Society 

14. Make my own wedding cake 

15. Become good at snowboarding 

16. Climb a 5.12 route 

17. Visit Yosemite 

18. See Scotland/Ireland/Wales in real life 

19. Attend the temple every week 

20. Instinctively know what foods need what spices (like the rat on Ratatouille) 

21. Study the scriptures for an hour every day (if possible) 

22. Run for office 

23. Go to Washington DC on the 4th of July 

24. Learn how to play the piano 

25. Cage dive with sharks 

26. Visit Monument Valley 

27. Grow and make my own salsa 

28. Learn how to surf 

29. Learn how to scuba dive 

30. Camp in Zion for a whole week under the stars (or just see the stars someplace where there’s nothing to block them out) 

31. Climb the Matterhorn 

32. Traverse the Grand Canyon on horseback 

33. Go on a date every single week with my husband 

34. Ride a ferris wheel on a pier 

35. Drive through every state on a road trip 

36. Visit Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello 

37. Visit every National Park in the United States 

38. Go to Rome and Venice 

39. Maintain my own garden 

40. Raise kids in a television-free home 

41. Help my parents pay off their mortgage 

42. Serve someone every single day 

43. Visit another country and write down/tell the story of at least one person who lives there 

44. Fill my house with DIY furniture and art 

45. Buy a painting 

46. See the ocean 

47. Read the biographies of all of the prophets 

48. Eliminate a bad habit every two months 

49. Landscape my own yard 

50. Learn basic car maintenance

51. Save $100 every month 

52. See van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night Over the Rhone” at Musee d’Orsay in Paris 

53. Own my own business 

54. Visit water parks in Wisconsin 

55. Grow a flower garden 

56. Give my kids a book for Christmas every year 

57. Purchase a Cannon Rebel T5I (or whatever the newest Cannon Rebel camera is)

58. Go on a family vacation every other year 

59. Learn yoga 

60. Have a house by a lake 

61. Teach kids how to read at a very young age 

62. Bike whenever I can to places I need to be at 

63. Climb Mount Everest 

64. Go on a cruise 

65. Own an adventuring vehicle 

66. Protest something at the Capitol Building 

67. See the Supreme Court in session 

68. Visit a real life lighthouse 

69. Go whale watching (preferably Orca whale watching) 

70. Take a trip by myself to the desert/wilderness and do nothing besides write 

71. Go sailing 

72. Master styling long hair 

73. Visit the Louvre 

74. Eat at a corner cafe in France 

75. Visit the biggest zoo in the world 

76. See a live volcano 

77. Ride a cruiser bike down a beach 

78. Have an article published on the Huffington Post 

79. Stay up all night watching a meteorite shower 

80. Dance in the rain every time it rains 

81. See every Audrey Hepburn film ever made 

82. Master Bollywood dancing 

83. Walk in the places Christ would have walked in Jerusalem 

84. Ride a camel through a desert 

85. Cliff jump at Bloomington Lake 

86. Own a real life Christmas tree 

87. Master recycling foods as well as paper goods 

88. Visit Boston 

89. Go on monthly sibling dates with my brothers and sister 

90. Zipline through a jungle 

91. Visit the Amazon 

92. Refurbish an old house 

93. Go parasailing 

94. Visit Nauvoo 

95. See the Hill Cumorah Pageant as an audience member 

96. Go to Roswell New Mexico 

97. Be there when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve 

98. Eliminate processed and artificial foods from my diet 

99. Build/create my own artist/writer studio 

100. Take names to the temple every time I go

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