Why You Should Blog About Your Beliefs (A Guest Post by Al Fox)

January 11, 2015

Do you want to be a better missionary this year? If so, have you ever considered being more active online or starting a blog to share your beliefs? Well, now is the time! The following is a guest post by one of my favorite bloggers, Al Fox Carraway, filled with great encouragement and advice for you and anyone you know who wants to start writing about their beliefs online, but isn’t sure how. Enjoy! _
❤ : _Ari

The only thing that stops everyone from doing anything is fear. But let me echo what the Savior says; fear not. If you have had the impression to start a blog, or be more open about your beliefs on an online outlet you already have, do it! The spirit often speaks to us with reoccurring thoughts—don’t put off the prompting anymore. I strongly believe that most of the trials I have gone through are for the purpose of helping others, and actually the thought of, ‘how can I use this to help others,’ is one of the thoughts that helps me most while I am in the midst of the hardest times.

I have quickly learned that people love honesty. When you write, be honest. Although everyone has different experiences, everyone has the same emotions. Everyone has felt alone. Or upset. Judged. Scared, etc. Because the truth is, no one is alone in the feelings you have.

The day I decided to get baptized, was the exact day my elders were going to drop me as an investigator. Why? I was right there, I was so close! That exact day, why would they do that? Well, what they thought was what they were doing didn’t make a difference. They thought that maybe someone else could do it better. Maybe someone who read the Book of Mormon all the way through, maybe someone with a stronger testimony, maybe someone more outgoing, someone who dressed better, someone who left on their mission on time, you know, anything more of what they weren’t. That’s what they thought. But little did they know that just by them trying—regardless of what they_ thought_ their shortcomings were—I’m here. I’m here doing everything that I’m doing. And I am happy. A real happiness. Could you image where I’d be had they not kept going regardless of their fears? Where would I be? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

And little do you know. Little do you know the impact you do and will have if you just try. And if you just do. The best thing we could ever be is ourselves. You are qualified. You are good enough. And what you do does and will make a difference. If we think that Heavenly Father won’t help us in our efforts to help His own children, we’re wrong.

Opposition will come. Rude comments will surely be there, (I have been told too many times over the past several years from comments and emails I should actually kill myself—ouch!). Regardless of the 30 incredible comments you’ve gotten, the adversary will try and use the one not so great one to tear away your confidence and efforts. Don’t listen. Don’t let him win. People need you. People need your stories and your example.  People and the world as a whole need more good. And help. And seeing the hand of the Lord help others through you is the most humbling feeling in the whole entire world. Perhaps the best. Your testimony will grow and you will be even closer to your Father in heaven in ways I cannot adequately express in words.

Al Fox Carraway is a popular LDS speaker and blogger, a convert to the church, and a new mom.  

You can follow Al on Facebook or read more of her own writing at alfoxshead.blogspot.com.

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