A Video to Get You Excited About Sharing Conference

April 03, 2015

Every now and again, I talk about political issues/figures on this blog (in high school, I was a real big Constitution/Bill of Rights junkie, and it’s kind of a secret interest of mine that I try hard to reign in), hence my last post. Even though they’re important things to talk about, they sometimes feel a little like walking on thin ice, and I don’t want to cause contention. So! In honor of conference and what I really should be focusing on today, here’s a great video about sharing goodness. I’m making it my goal to do better at this. I share a lot of rants, but too little do I share uplifting, good things. Starting this conference, I’m resolving to make it happen.

How do you share goodness in your life? I need as many ideas as I can get!

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