4 Ways to Be More Christlike Online

April 07, 2015

BEFORE YOU READ: This post will be a little different than the ones you’ve read on my blog before, because I’ll actually be giving you a teaser then linking you to another website. On March 25th, two friends and I launched Mormon Buzzz, an awesome new site that will have funny, useful, inspiring, and uplifting content for Latter-Day Saints (And those who want to learn more about them!). This piece comes from it. We’re super excited about it and are actually in need of contributors (writers, musicians, comedians, artists, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, you name it!), so if you’re interested, please let me know! **You can also follow Mormon Buzzz on Facebook for instant updates. **<–Click the bold text to be redirected there.

Last May, I had the unique opportunity to watch a post on my personal blog go viral. It was picked up by lots of Facebook friends, LDS websites, and random blogs. Within one week, it had gained over 140,000 views (to put that into perspective, I usually felt pretty cool to hit 100 views _in a month _on a post). As those views increased, so, unfortunately, did the negativity. I watched as complete strangers skipped over the message of my post to go straight after me, ripping apart my character, my testimony, and my worthiness. Though a good 70% of the comments were positive, the negative comments were often very cruel and very loud. Most came from people hiding behind anonymity, but many came from other church members who used their pictures and their names to tell me how terrible they thought I was. I vowed to read every single one of those comments. I stopped because of how badly some of them hurt.

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