My Name’s Ari, and I’m Human

November 13, 2015

Hi. My name’s Ari, and I’m human.

In high school, my best friend said my teeth made me look like a chipmunk and I’ve been somewhat self-conscious of them ever since. I love harmonizing with the radio in my car, but the idea of singing karaoke terrifies me. I get attached to people easily. I hate November, because I tend to get my heart broken in November. I’m kind of impatient and need to be in control of situations to feel comfortable. I have road mild annoyance and sometimes road rage. If I’m feeling particularly introverted, I can convince myself out of doing anything. Last fall, I had a major anxiety attack, and this fall, I learned that anxiety can come back. If it’s not obvious at this point, I stink at dating. I push people away a lot. One of my worst fears is that I disappoint people, that I’m not what they expect, or that I’m better in writing. I can’t enjoy football, no matter how hard I try. I’ve tripped while going upstairs twice this month. I often feel lonely. I’ve got a rebellious streak in me. If I’m not careful, I’m “that Mormon” who raises her hand in class to correct the teacher’s doctrine/tone. Growing up, I was painfully shy and, as a result, have this complex where I worry I’ll always be overlooked. I’m too sensitive. I really like being right. Grammar mistakes throw me into a tizzy, especially when they’re my own. People can annoy me really easily if I’m not careful. I’m a worry wart. And I’m often more selfish than any person should be.

Hi, my name’s Ari. I’m flawed, but I’m real.

Having broken away from my social media for a bit, I thought it was important to mention that.

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